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  This app provides users a means to determine distances to objects while allowing them the ability to manipulate signal envelopes, signal shapes, signal types, and frequency constraints.The convenient and intuitive graphical user interface immerses the user into a richly educational environment allowing for the solidification of fundamental concepts regarding digital signal processing (DSP).

How to Use this App

 The below image is the default screen when the application is launched. Here you will find all the different Menu options. The screen is currently blank because there has not been any information or data processed.

APP Home

We can begin collecting data with default settings by pressing the play button. Menu Or if we wish to change the settings from the default we extend the Menu Items Menu and select the Configuration options. Clicking on the configuration option we can see the following Menu Screen. Note the Temperature and the relative speed of sound below it.

Config Sawtooth

The values in the above screen have been pre-selected as a known signal that will produce a graph similar to the one below. The units for distance in the x-axis are meters.

Meters Plot

We can change the x-axis to time by selecting the Menu item Units Swap

Time Plot

List of Features

Below is a short list of icons that may appear within the program and a breif description of each feature.

Item Menu

Please Select a Module Level Below:

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